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Black Books: A Conversation With  Isabelle "Isy" Ibibo, Black Cultural Competency Teen Librarian (June 2023)

Isabelle "Isy" Ibibo is an energetic advocate for all readers.  Her perspectives on her job, the active attempts to ban books, and her summer reading recommendations are rich listening.  Enjoy and go to our blog page for more details.



Anti-Racist Art Activities for Kids: 30+ Creative Projects that Celebrate Diversity and Inspire Change: A Conversation with Paula Liz and Tamara Slade (April 2023)


Tamara and Liz embody optimism and hope.  Along with the other members of their teacher collective, they created this collection of lessons to inspire us. 


I was lifted during our conversation and I hope that you will be as well.  Enjoy the convo and go to our blog for more details.

For Black Children, Play Can Be Transformative: A Conversation with Demond Hill (December 2021)

In the summer of 2021 Demond Hill published the article "For Black Children, Play Can Be Transformative".  It is an affirmation of the work of so many researchers who have defined play as the work of children.  Demond makes a simple request of the adults: let the children play.  

A Kids Book About: A Conversation with Jelani Memory (June 2021)

We end the school year and begin the summer with a conversation with Jelani Memory, co-founder of A Kids Book About. Jelani and his team at A Kids Book About center the voices of our children.  Enjoy!

Emotional Resilience and Regulation for People of Color: A Conversation with Dr. Sharon Lo and Educator Cynthia Moffett (May 2021)


2021 has surfaced a variety of emotions as we are living through multiple pandemics. In this conversation with Educator Cynthia Moffett, a member of the Folks of Color in Schools advisory team and principal at Errol Hassell Elementary School, and Dr. Sharon Lo, assistant professor of psychology at Pacific University, we define emotional regulation, discuss the emotional resilience and coping strategies we use as People of Color, and offer the opportunity to reflect about what each of us needs to emotionally regulate.

The AntiRacist Table: A Conversation with Kirsten Ivey-Colson and Lynn Turner

We wanted to begin 2021 with a conversation with Kirsten Ivey-Colson and Lynn Turner about their creation ----- The AntiRacist Table.  The sisters share their story of how they built the AntiRacist Table in response to the racial turmoil of last summer.  We also had the opportunity to discuss the AntiRacist Table 30-day challenge, the petition on their site for reparations, and much, much more.  Kirsten and Lynn will inspire you!

Please find a link to the AntiRacist Table here

Stay Woke: A Conversation with Justin Michael Williams

On December 8, 2020, Melissa Lowery and I spoke with Justin Michael Williams, author, musician, and mindfulness practitioner.  Justin's book Stay Woke: A Meditation Guide for Rest of Us was published this year. You will want to watch the video to the end to hear Justin discuss his work with students as well as his generous offer to Portland schools.

To learn more about the Stay Woke Give Back Tour go to

To reach Justin's team to arrange for a school visit email:

Cards on Race: A Conversation with Dr. Jackson A. Collins  

On October 21, 2020, Dr. Jackson Collins joined us to discuss his creation, Cards on Race.  The cards are a tool to build racial self-awareness, empathy, and understanding. Those that attended this session each received a set of Cards on Race.  For more information, please visit:


Affinity and Caucus Spaces: A Conversation with Rosetta Lee and Liza Talusan

On October 16, 2020 Liza Talusan and Rosetta Lee joined one of the Folks of Color in Schools organizers, David Blue, the director of diversity at Central Catholic High School, in a conversation about affinity spaces and the valuable opportunities they offer students and adults.  We hope this lively and hopeful discussion inspires you in your affinity and caucus space work!


Rosetta’s website is full of affinity groups resources and many equity related resources:*


Liza’s website: also offers resources and outlines the work she can do with schools.  You can find her four-session plan for affinity groups here.

Note: Liza mentioned Mamta Accapadi’s Asian American identity consciousness model.  It is part of the collection: Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders in Higher Education: Research and Perspectives on Identity, Leadership, and Success edited by Doris Ching and Amefil Agbayani.  You can find a brief description of the model in Prithak Chowhury’s article, "I am Desi": (Re)Claiming Racialized Narratives of Being Asian in White America”.

*For additional learning about White anti-racist caucus spaces please go to Ali Michael’s blogpost.

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